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Cloud Migration Roadmaps

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Cloud Migration Roadmaps

Cloud migration roadmaps are an essential tool to help you stay on track on your cloud journey. Txture Cloud Transformation (Txture CT) is the go-to solution to create these cloud roadmaps and ensures a smooth and effective cloud journey overall. It assists you with your cloud move early by providing unmatched capabilities during discovery and data collection, cloud assessments as well as the planning of cloud target architectures for your entire application portfolio.

In all phases of a cloud journey, Txture CT puts your applications at its center, so that you’ve got a technical view but also won't lose the business context. This way Txture CT delivers high-quality cloud assessments showing readiness, cloud benefits, migration risks, and strategies along the 6R's. The vast cloud product knowledge that Txture maintains across all major cloud service providers, gives you automatic cloud architecture targets on all service levels.

With Txture CT you have the all-in-one solution for laying out large-scale cloud transformations. An important ingredient we like to discuss today is how to proceed in the journey, once you have obtained a fully assessed application portfolio and migration strategies for individual applications.

Migration wave planning

The execution of cloud application migrations requires the technical skills related to the upfront decided migration strategies of individual applications. You need to have teams in place that understand the target landing zone and hence the product offering of a selected cloud service provider well. Migration teams set up and move workloads to managed cloud infrastructure and platforms, such as virtual networks, load balancers, virtual machines, container runtimes, databases, and more. In order to transition smoothly from cloud transformation planning to actual migration execution, application-centric migration roadmaps need to be created.

transformation states of large-scale cloud application migrationTypical transformation states of large-scale application migration. Migration waves contain applications that are part of the roadmap, ones where migration is in progress and those already migrated.

Migration roadmaps define the timely work packages for migrating groups of related applications, so-called migration waves (or sometimes also called move groups). Grouping related applications have the effect that you can employ all migration teams with their respective skill sets effectively. E.g. you may quickly want to see all applications run in a specific data center, where you know that applications owners and technical teams are ready and prepared to undertake migration. From there you may want to pick the slice of applications for which you decided Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the proper target cloud since you want to assign your GCP-skilled team right away.

Migration wavesMigration waves as they are planned with starting dates and durations. Covered applications, ownership of migration teams, etc. are specified for each wave.

All in one solution

With the road mapping capability of Txture CT, you can stay in a single solution while proceeding with your cloud journey. Txture CT allows you to plan migration waves individually, but also at scale. Since, building on top of all the collected data about applications, business architecture, the surrounding organization, and IT infrastructure, makes it easy to come up with effective roadmaps. Let Txture CT arrange migration waves for you along various query dimensions, like applications' decided target cloud providers, applied migration strategies, data center locations, complexity metrics, association to business units, inter-application communication, and much more.

large-scale application migrationMigration waves in Txture CT is a planning and communications tool to implement a cloud journey in a structured manner.

Tracking migration progress

Once a migration wave starts it is of course crucial to keep track of its progress. From a project management point of view, you need to layout detailed tasks to be executed for each application and observe implementation success or failure. Those tasks usually involve setting up the target landing zone (e.g. provisioning of accounts, networks, default security), ordering required cloud resources, and a variety of actual migration steps - depending on the complexity of the application and decided migration strategy. Txture CT can integrate with project management solutions like Jira to aggregate and embed detailed status for migration waves. From an application and IT portfolio management perspective you need to deal with the move from the to-be IT landscape to a new mode of operation in the cloud. It is paramount to automate the transparency of changes in order to keep your application portfolio in sync and useful at any point in time. By following basic cloud resource tagging/labeling guidelines Txture CT will keep track of the environments shifting towards the cloud. This is possible for all major cloud service providers and multi-cloud setups. Given a continuous up-to-date application portfolio during the execution of migration waves, Txture CT also allows you to determine key metrics over time, like cloud adoption across providers, degree of technology consolidation, and much more.

Having migration roadmaps managed and accessible in Txture CT provides the following key benefits:

  • Frictionless team handovers between cloud transformation planning and migration execution
  • Avoiding repeated data transfer between teams and tools
  • Reduced communication overhead between transformation consultants, applications owners, and migration teams
  • Ability to integrate with external project management solutions for tracking detailed task execution
  • Standardized reporting about migration states of applications, overall migration progress, and key metrics of the cloud transition
  • Automation and analytics to create and manage migration waves for the right groups of applications

Seeing is believing! Feel free to request a demo or contact us for more information!