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Comparing Current Cost and Carbon Footprint with Cloud Target Scenarios

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cloud cost and co2 emissions

Managing costs during IT transformation or modernization is crucial. However, comparing your current expenses with potential cloud options, whether from the same or a different provider, can be tricky. And if you want to consider carbon emissions, it's even harder without the right tools.

Often, you might not have all your current infrastructure details. Different pricing models, support levels, and services from various providers make it tough to properly compare your current costs and CO2 footprint with alternative cloud choices.

Txture's new enhancements simplify an "apples-to-apples" comparison. They let you quickly compare your options using the infrastructure data you have, making decisions easier and more informed.

Creating an apples-to-apples comparison 🍎🍏

As described in our recent product update Txture allows you to create a quick cloud business case. After importing data (via file upload, including server and database lists, or connecting through an API to an existing cloud setup), you can promptly configure a view of your current cloud or on-premise estate.

For existing cloud environments, just the cloud instance variant name is needed for Txture to extract all other details, like CPU, RAM, cost, or CO2 emissions from our cloud database. If the required data is imported, Txture can also create an AS-IS scenario for your existing on-premises estate.

Cloud estate comparison between Azure and GCPExample: Comparison of an existing cloud estate at Azure to potential cloud target architectures at GCP.

Furthermore, the gathered information on your current IT estate can be utilized with our standard reporting features. This allows you to create personalized reports, such as detailed cloud costs or CO2 footprint estimates by organizational unit.

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