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Improved VM mapping based on processor requirements

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Improved VM Mapping

Choosing the right hardware is the first step to ensuring virtual workloads run at peak performance. Apart from memory, storage, and network resources, the choice of processor should also be taken into account for an optimized virtualization environment.

To allow for more use casespecific adjustments when building cloud target architectures in Txture, we enhanced our preference settings to specify requirements regarding processor generation and CPU vendor.

Improved VM mapping based on processor requirementsProcessor generation and CPU Vendor selection

Processor Generation

This Target Architecture preference allows you to define a priority for the instance selection based on processor generation. Users can choose the setting “Cheap processors” to opt for more cost-effective alternatives (typically older generations) or “Performance optimized processors” to always select instances which contain the most performing processors; regardless of the price. The option “Balanced” allows you to strike a balance between cost and performance to opt for the best value for money offerings.

CPU Vendor

Depending on provided features or cost benefits, you might want to prefer a certain vendor for particular applications or the whole target architecture. To make that possible, Txture now allows you to select a specific vendor, such as Intel, AMD, or AWS, for the used vCPUs.

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See what’s available beyond processor preference settings to create tailored target architecture proposals in Txture:

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