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Your comprehensive platform for CMDB and Application Portfolio Management

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Shed light on your on-prem/cloud infrastructure. Simplify your IT portfolio management.

Whether you are in the cloud or on-premises, we help you build a single source of truth to answer all IT questions, and get the insights you need to make decisions aligned with business growth.
Achieve IT cost transparency and optimize your portfolio
Secure your IT portfolio and manage operational risk
Enable business growth and operational efficiency

Key Features

Efficient data collection and reporting

Get a transparent overview of your IT estate

Collect and unify infrastructure data. Databases, cloud providers' APIs, virtualization environments... Use Txture to easily ingest data from a wide variety of sources.

Get a clear overview of your IT landscape All information about your IT assets and applications is unified in Txture's central repository.

Easily communicate and report. Leverage Txture's pre-built and customizable reports and get clear insights on every aspect of your IT portfolio.

Data Completeness Check

Business Capability Map

Align technology with business strategy

Link applications, underlying infrastructure and business capabilities. Get a clear overview of your business capabilities and the technologies that are supporting them.

Quickly assess application's criticality. Define the business criticality of each application by sending custom Txture surveys to subject-matter experts.

Business Capability Map

Dependency mapping

Get a holistic view of your infrastructure

Visualize dependencies between assets. Map all your IT assets and applications, and get a clear overview of their dependencies.

Dependency mapping

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Bring clarity to your technology portfolio, minimize risks and achieve better cost-effectiveness.

Risk and compliance assessment

Secure your IT and manage business risk

Ensure security and compliance. Track the compliance of your applications with regards to your organization's security and regulatory standards.

Manage application and technology lifecycle. The platform warns you on technology that will soon be outdated, and highlights the business processes at risk.

End of Life Report

Cost analysis and application portfolio management

Optimize your IT portfolio and keep control of your costs

Achieve application cost transparency. What is the overall cost of your application portfolio? Which applications are the most expensive, and are they business critical? How have costs developed over time? Txture brings transparency to your IT costs and their allocation.


Gartner TIME report

Application Portolio Management

Assess your applications' technical fit and business fit. Define which applications should be eliminated, and which ones should be migrated or modernized, using the Gartner TIME methodology.

Application Rationalization

Transform and modernize your IT

Unlock Txture's transformation module and get automated recommendations for migration strategy, right-sizing and sustainable modernization.

Renowned partners & clients

Txture is used by small and large organizations, cloud providers and the biggest SI companies in the world.
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