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A1 Group teams up with Txture for moving to the cloud

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A1 Group teams up with Txture for moving to the cloud

We're happy to share a successful project achieved with the help of the Txture platform!

A1 Group has now completed the first phase of its cloud transformation journey. The Txture platform for cloud transformation was selected by A1 to document the cloud transformation assessments of its IT applications. Following the successful assessment phase, A1 is now moving on to completing the migration, with Txture continuing to be used to support the transformation.

A1 Group leveraged Txture's innovative software platform to create a single source of truth - not only in Austrian sites, but also across multiple countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Belarus, and Slovenia. To facilitate and guide the process, A1 also partnered with two large global system integrators.

A1 Group is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the CEE area, with a broad portfolio of products and services that serves millions of customers across the region. With the rapid pace of digital transformation, the company recognized the need to shift to the cloud to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve scalability. Txture's cloud transformation and modernization software was selected as the ideal solution to support this strategic initiative.

To learn more about the project, have a look at the complete press release.

About Txture - Your SaaS platform for cloud transformation and modernization

Txture is the SaaS platform to drive your cloud transformation and modernization initiatives. The platform helps you develop a clear overview of your current IT portfolio, and gives you detailed modernization recommendations to efficiently plan your initiatives.

For each application of your IT portfolio, Txture provides recommendations for better cost-efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and increased performance. Txture acts as your modernization cockpit to build an efficient and future-ready IT portfolio.

Are you looking for a complete guide to plan your cloud transformation step-by-step? Have a look at our dedicated whitepaper:

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Cloud transformation planning - a step-by-step guide

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Benjamin Van-Hyfte
Benjamin Van-Hyfte
Benjamin is responsible for Content Marketing at Txture. His goal is to provide Cloud professionals with insightful articles and resources related to cloud knowledge and cloud transformation best practices.