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New AMD collaboration

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AMD collaboration and assessment support program for Txture

Accelerate your cloud journey with Txture and an AMD supported complimentary assessment!

We proudly announce our collaboration with AMD, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of the cloud! Through this collaboration, organizations can apply for a free, complimentary assessment, supported by AMD.

AMD is a leading chip provider, setting new industry standards in terms of performance, and energy efficient cloud computing. Txture’s software helps companies understand their IT landscape and proposes different cloud scenarios based on individual preferences such as sustainability goals, cost, locations, or providers.

Why Txture: Easy cloud modernization and optimization

Txture is the software platform for application portfolio management and successful cloud modernization providing guidance and support across the entire cloud journey. With its knowledge base of over 500k cloud services, Txture is well-equipped to help you find the ideal cloud solutions for your business.

Large organizations and system integrators worldwide use Txture to:

  • Model business cases at different providers: How much would my cloud estate cost at e.g. AWS, how much at GCP? How could it affect my carbon footprint?
  • Compare like-for-like and modernization scenarios: Find direct replacements for your applications in the cloud or browse optimized modernization scenarios.
  • Optimize for cost-efficiency and sustainability goals: Txture holds information on over half a million cloud service configurations, including their prices, features, locations, and related carbon emissions. Find the services best suited for your organization.
  • Plan and manage transformations from beginning to end: Ingest your data, assess your applications, build your ideal cloud solution architecture, and use Txture’s migration planning tools to transition your workloads to the cloud environment smoothly.

Submit your application now to fuel your cloud transformation or optimization journey with our AMD supported complimentary assessment.

Why AMD: Save costs while potentially lowering related CO2 emissions

AMD for cost-efficiency and performance

While choosing your cloud setup, consider the environmental and financial impact. AMD steps forward as a strong partner, offering AWS cloud instances powered by current generation processors that are 37% more cost-efficient compared to previous generation instances. This can translate to significant savings for your organization, allowing you to invest more in your cloud transformation.
Find more information on cost efficiency on the AMD website.

Screenshot showing that AMD components offer a lower price and reduced carbon emissions than Intel for the same performance.With the same performance as Intel, AMD components offer a lower price and reduced carbon emissions.

AMD supports sustainability goals

AMD processors also boast energy-efficient technology, which can minimize your carbon footprint by requiring fewer instances to do the needed work, and supporting your organization in reaching its ESG goals. Choosing AMD powers your cloud journey, while making a conscious choice for an energy-efficient, more cost-effective future.

Ready to take your cloud journey to the next level?

Learn more about the program, application details, and submit your application for an AMD supported assessment.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your business with the combined power of Txture and AMD!

⚠️ Legal note:

  • There is no legal right to the AMD-supported assessment.
  • Utilizing the program does not require you to use AMD chips in your cloud setup.
  • Txture is a provider-neutral software and the choice of cloud provider and hardware remains entirely yours.
  • Decisions to grant assessments are solely at the discretion of AMD. Submitting the application form does not guarantee a positive reply for any organization.
Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena works as Performance Marketing Manager at Txture. She’s raising awareness of the digital transformation benefits, and creates visibility for Txture’s Cloud Migration Solutions.