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The Txture platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

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The Txture platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

When moving from on-premises to the cloud, or when migrating to a new cloud provider, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of such a project. Which applications should be migrated as a priority? What are the best-suited replacements in the cloud provider’s catalog?

As they want to drive their migration efficiently and successfully, more and more organizations rely on the Txture platform to plan their cloud assessment and build their cloud architecture. Txture’s cloud transformation platform helps you:

  • Quickly get a transparent overview of your current IT estate
  • Assess your applications and define the best way to move them to the cloud
  • Design your future cloud architecture

Txture’s collaboration with Google Cloud is a great opportunity for customers to accelerate their migration to Google Cloud services, and make the right decisions at every stage of their transformation.

We are proud to announce that Txture’s cloud transformation software suite is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. The marketplace is listing top solutions for Google Cloud to help customers accelerate their digital transformation. This unlocks new benefits that we explain below.

I am already a Google Cloud customer and I want to accelerate my cloud transformation

As a Google Cloud customer, you can get Txture’s cloud transformation platform in a few clicks. If Google is already a registered partner in your organization, the SaaS procurement process will be much easier, as Txture is procured from Google, via the Marketplace. Thereby the system onboarding of a new SaaS vendor can be skipped.

Additionally, if you already have a spend commitment towards Google Cloud, Marketplace transactions count towards this commitment. Txture will provide a high-quality platform, from which you can manage your IT transformation journey to the cloud while reducing your open commitment towards Google.

You can use the Txture platform to ingest information on your existing IT estate and define your migration strategy and requirements. Based on that information, the Txture platform will automatically generate best-suited migration recommendations for your applications. This helps you make smart migration choices and accelerate your move to Google Cloud.

comparison of migration scenarios to google cloudExample of architecture proposals recommended by the platform for an application.

I plan to move to Google Cloud but I am not a customer yet

If you are considering a migration to Google Cloud, you can enlist the help of a Google partner to assist you in your cloud transformation project. In this case, the Txture platform can be acquired on behalf of Google's partner.

When planning your cloud migration project, you may be eligible for Google’s funding program. If funding through one of their programs is approved, Google helps you to build a business case for a potential migration to GCP. With Txture’s Business Case Builder, you will be able to get a first cost estimate and comparisons of different scenarios based on your infrastructure data. This will help you to define the best-suited migration scenarios and accelerate your decision-making process.

Start your move to Google Cloud!

What is the first step?

Get in touch with Txture through Google Marketplace and send an inquiry for a discovery call or a private offer, or learn more about Txture’s solutions to help you plan your migration to GCP.

Stefan Heilig
Stefan Heilig
Stefan is Head of Alliances at Txture. His goal is to foster long-lasting partnerships with leading cloud providers and system integrators, to help organizations around the world achieve their cloud transformation successfully.