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The Cloud Adoption Playbook

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Cloud Adoption Playbook

What is the book about? Many IT departments across all industries are currently facing important decisions on how to best adopt cloud technologies. But the process of formulating new strategies for long-term success and, what’s more the implementation itself, are far from easy. Everyone needs to be in the same boat. The “Cloud Adoption Playbook” is quite helpful to understand the role of each key player in the “big picture”.

The content of this book starts with the main business drivers for enterprises and continues with a framework covering the most important steps along the cloud journey. In terms of cloud strategy the book discusses prerequisites for formulating a successful strategy, as well as key components. It also covers topics such as culture, organization forms and what the cloud means for HR. Finally, the authors go into more detail what cloud means for each role within the IT organization and which new roles and responsibilities emerge with the cloud.

Who is this book for? The book is aimed at small to large enterprise businesses which core business is not in IT. The authors particularly target CIOs, CTOs but also functions that report to the C-level such as Enterprise Architects. We think that the book may also provide valuable insights to cloud consultants as it describes the major problems enterprises are facing today and it may provide some guidance on formulating successful strategies & developing solutions together with the clients.

If this sounds like you and you're looking for a good read, here you go!

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