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Year of the Cloud

2020 in Review

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2020 Year in Review

What’s the best way to sum up this crazy year from the perspective of a cloud transformation software vendor?

We think it’s been the year of the cloud.

Cloud made this difficult year quite a bit less difficult with the help of technology. Both from a communication standpoint with Zoom and the like and from an operational perspective. Running enterprise workloads in the cloud is just immensely faster, cheaper, and easier when working remotely, compared to running physical data center infrastructure. We also saw huge spikes in enterprise technology innovation that were facilitated by the use of the cloud. This means cloud adoption is further on the rise and is even accelerating.

So what did this challenging year mean for us at Txture? First of all, switching to being a fully remote working company came naturally to us. This is not extremely surprising for a tech company, but it was still great to see how smooth it all went. And second, we saw a huge increase in demand for our software platform that is now being applied in large cloud transformations on four continents.

So here are some of the key highlights of this year:

  • >250% company growth
  • 10.000+ applications assessed
  • Enabled cloud transformations on four continents
  • Released cloud transformation simulations and many other great features
  • Formed global partnerships with leading cloud consulting companies

For the next year, we foresee an even further acceleration of our growth and we already have some special things lined up. We will release our certification program early next year to help our clients and partners, quickly get up to speed with the transformation.

We are also happy to announce that we will release a new SaaS product for cloud consultants at the beginning of 2021. So keep your eyes peeled for the release announcement early next year.

So finally, to all of our clients, partners, supporters, and mentors we want to say a big thank you and wish you a great start to the new year!

The Txture-Team

Matthias Farwick
Matthias Farwick
Dr. Matthias Farwick is co-founder and CEO of Txture. Before founding Txture, he worked in R&D projects in Austria, Canada, China, Germany, and the United States. He has published more than 30 scientific articles and book chapters in the context of enterprise architecture management and cloud transformation.