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Sales Engineer & Partner Success Manager

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Sales Engineer & Partner Success Manager

We've got a new team member on board! David Plankensteiner will be part of our Sales Engineer & Partner Success Management Team at Txture from now on.

We are happy to introduce David to you today. To get a few personal insights we have asked him for a short interview.

Here's what he told us about himself:

That's what I wanted to be when I was a kid:

To be honest, I never planned very far ahead. So I can’t really say.

My hobbies:

I like to be outdoors a lot. So during Winter time, I prefer to go skiing. When there’s no snow in the mountains, I love to go mountain biking and hiking.

You'll always find this in my fridge:

A single-serving packet of mustard that I could swear was already in there when I got the fridge.

My biggest dream:

I’m not gonna say :)

This is why I wanted to be part of the Txture team:

The people there are awesome! Also, while I was working in research over the past few years I got more and more into software development. Txture is the perfect place for me to move further in that direction.

My role at Txture:

I will be joining Txture as a Sales Engineer and Partner Success Manager. In my position, I will be working closely with the sales and product team as well as our partners. The central aspect is bringing cloud and Txture product knowledge to the table in the different sales and partner enablement phases as well as collaborating with sales teams to understand the partner requirements and provide technical sales support.

Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
Bianca is Marketing Manager at Txture. Her heart beats for interesting news, new markets, exciting events, strong partnerships and inspiring contacts.