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New Performance Marketing Specialist on board

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New Performance Marketing Specialist on board

We've got a new team member on board!

Lena Weyerhäuser recently joined our team as Performance Marketing Specialist. Welcome!
Want to get some personal insights about Lena? Read about her biggest dream, her hobbies and why she joined the Txture team in the interview below.

That's what I wanted to be when I was a kid:

I’ve always loved writing, imagining characters and creating stories. On my dad’s old laptop I wrote an 800-Word-pages fantasy novel that I hoped would make me a famous author before the age of 15 (which is when Christopher Paolini published “Eragon”, my favourite book at the time). I never finished the trilogy, but still like to read a few pages every now and then.

My hobbies:

Apart from Innsbruck’s obvious mountain sports like rock climbing, ski touring, mountain biking and hiking, I also enjoy a few other activities: Yoga, cooking, drawing, speaking Spanish (that may not sound like a hobby to you but I just love the sound of it) and spending time with my friends (or family, if they weren’t so many hours away).

You'll always find this in my fridge:

It’s not kept in the fridge, but I love spicy food and when I travel, I often take a little pot of my grandma’s homemade chilli powder with me.

My biggest dream:

I’m not the “That’s my one big goal” type of person. If I could wish for one thing, I’d wish to keep the ability to be inspired. Once we stop being inspired by life and the world around us, things lose their colour. I want to stay hungry for adventure, keen on learning, grateful for the amazing people I cross paths with and stay open to anything new coming my way.

This is why I wanted to be part of the Txture team:

Especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, I really cared to work in a company that’s one big team, with committed and supportive people, showing up for each other. I’m particularly looking forward to working collaboratively, learning from my colleagues, sharing my own knowledge and growing professionally in a new area.

So why Txture:

For me, there are two main factors that are special about Txture: The first one is the company’s global mindset and innovative self-understanding of being a “game changer” in cloud transformation. The second one (that really convinced me) are the company culture and the people that form Txture, their values, lifestyles and the positive vibe.

My role at Txture:

Marketing is all about communicating to the outside world. As a performance marketing specialist, it is my responsibility to make sure that Txture gets the visibility it deserves - whether that’s paid search ads, display campaigns or social media ads. It’s not all about the money, so I’ll also be involved in organic non-paid marketing business with the rest of the marketing team.

Have you got any questions concerning Lena's role or about our cloud transformation software Txture?

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Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
Bianca is Marketing Manager at Txture. Her heart beats for interesting news, new markets, exciting events, strong partnerships and inspiring contacts.