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New Sales Engineer on Board

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New Sales Engineer on Board

We've got a new team member on board!

Nico Rossi will be part of our Sales Engineering Team at Txture from now on.

To get a few personal insights we have asked him for a short interview. Here's what he told us about himself:

That's what I wanted to be when I was a kid:

When I was younger and read the Harry Potter series, I wanted to be a student at Hogwarts. Unfortunately my owl never made it 😞 In my teenage years I enjoyed video games a lot and wanted to be a playtester. To me, it seemed to be the perfect mix of enjoyment and work. When I grew up I eventually understood that being a playtester is not as fun as I thought it would be and so I changed my mind 😄

My hobbies:

I still enjoy video games! Recent developments in VR still get me excited for what's to come. I am also a fan of hiking, skiing and swimming. No better way to spend a sunny day in summer than to swim in a nice lake and enjoy the scenery and nature.

You'll always find this in my fridge:

Nothing unusual: I do enjoy my coffee with milk - so I make sure I am well stacked 🙂 Otherwise most of the stuff in my fridge is changing regularly, as I like diversity in my diet.

My biggest dream:

Living right by a lake with the opportunity to take a morning swim and some evening kayaking. Emerald Lake in British Columbia, Canada, is fantastic, but Wörthersee in Austria is awesome too!

This is why I wanted to be part of the Txture team:

When I first heard about Txture I was excited about the product. When I initially met some team members to find out more about what they are doing, everyone was open and friendly. They took time to explain the product to me after their working day and I immediately felt welcome.

So why Txture?

What I like so much about Txture is that they offer a highly innovative product. Committing to the complex task of helping companies and partners migrate their existing IT landscape to the cloud was something I found remarkable for a small company in Austria. During the product demonstration, I was very impressed by the integration of existing data sources and the subsequent proposals for various cloud providers. Afterwards, I wanted to be part of Txture to support customers in their transformation to the cloud and to help develop the product continuously.

My role at Txture:

As a Sales Engineer I am assisting customers to get the most out of Txture! I help to demonstrate the functionalities to our partners, answer their support requests and create helpful material, like the Txture documentation.

Want to add Nico to your network and get some valuable cloud transformation insights? Find Nico via LinkedIn!

Are you keen to join our motivated and fun team? Check out our open positions!

Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena works as Performance Marketing Manager at Txture. She’s raising awareness of the digital transformation benefits, and creates visibility for Txture’s Cloud Migration Solutions.