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The Benefits of becoming Migration Ready with a Cloud Readiness Assessment

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This podcast deals with the concept behind cloud migration readiness and important dimensions to consider.

Cloud Readiness is described as the concept of "looking beyond just preparing for the migration itself". It is about people, processes & technology as in many other IT initiatives and all three need to change to adopt cloud successfully. The host talks about typical problems they have encountered with customers and notes that cloud migrations at scale still remain a challenge for experienced customers.First pilot projects are often low hanging fruits which means they are not representative for the decisions & skills required for large scale cloud migration and some clients face challenges in defining the right cloud migration plan.

Cloud Readiness helps to make sure the right technology foundation is in place before the migration of more complex or more risky applications and to set the right cloud migration plan. Another important part of Cloud Readiness is to look at the big picture, whether the organization is set up to really operate cloud-based IT at scale after the migration. Companies often face discrepancies within the organizational structure. But a successful cloud migration also requires having the right peope, governance and processes in place before the outset of a large-scale migration projects, as it will simply be moving too fast to adapt organically.

Another important hint is that meetings with different stakeholders and functional owners may often turn into a competition. Everyone wants the highest cloud readiness score and nobody wants to be the perspective that is least cloud ready. Therefore, it's important to reinforce the idea that scores are not a reflection of who is winning or who is doing a better job than others, instead it is a reflection of which areas are going to transform the most within the organization.

The podcast definitely contains some more tips & key take-aways that were not mentioned in this summary. So here is the link if you want to listen to the full episode.

→ Listen to the podcast here
Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
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