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Txture now contains the Cloud Products of STACKIT

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Txture and Cloud Insider now offer STACKIT Cloud Products.

Txture extends its cloud migration tool by adding the cloud products of STACKIT.

We are pleased to announce that STACKIT’s products are now accessible on the Txture Cloud Transformation Platform and Cloud Insider to elaborate and implement cloud migration strategies. Cloud Insider is an independent cloud service comparison platform that delivers comprehensive market insights, price comparisons, and other provider information at the click of a button. Working with STACKIT means extending the cloud knowledge engine of CloudInsider and Txture with secure and stable cloud products and services- 100% Made in Germany. Customers and partners of STACKIT can utilize the Txture platform in conjunction with STACKIT products as a cloud migration solution for large-scale migration initiatives. Txture provides users with a comprehensive transformation management environment that results in shorter assessment and transformation timelines, lower costs, and lower risks, as well as the right toolset to assist System Integrators (SI) in executing transformations efficiently and securely while remaining aligned with business objectives.

Migrating to the cloud: in an EU-compliant, easy-to-use manner.

STACKIT is the digital trademark for Schwarz IT and as such part of the IT organization in the largest European commercial company – the Schwarz Group. Lidl and Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion for food manufacturing, and PreZero in environmental services are all part of the Group. As a solid unit with a start-up character within Schwarz IT, STACKIT offers co-location in the form of data center or rack space as well as Cloud infrastructure and platform services (IaaS and PaaS) in enterprise quality. STACKIT thus provides the technological basis for the digital transformation of the entire Schwarz Group, from which external companies will also benefit in the future.

STACKIT is an acronym for EU security:

The high-performance data centers in Germany and Austria meet the highest European security requirements and are DSGVO-compliant. Customer data for cloud services is located entirely in Germany. The data center in Austria is available for co-location services. With an effective recovery strategy, customers are effectively protected, especially in the event of outages caused by external sources such as natural disasters.

Powering rapid business case calculations, assessments, and continuous modernization

Txture is a cloud transformation and modernization software. The team works closely with SI partners globally to enable them to gain a competitive advantage in the fast-moving cloud market. A comprehensive cloud strategy, the best suited provider selection, and the implementation of robust security measures are all critical components driving project success. Therefore, the platform analyzes the application portfolio on cloud readiness from the standpoint of business, security, compliance, and infrastructure requirements to recommend cloud solution architectures. Using the 6R method, Txture provides a wide range of application modernization scenarios, including on-premise migrations, containerizations and migration both in the public and the private cloud. Additionally, it enables cost forecasting and price comparisons between providers based on the chosen cloud (vendor) strategy.

Key Benefits for you

  • Standardization: Txture covers the entire assessment, migration, and modernization lifecycle with consistent processes, enabling teams to scale more efficiently.
  • Continuous Modernization: Txture helps partners and clients to provide continuous modernization capabilities that make use of the optimal cloud technologies for the right applications at the right time.
  • Reduced Time to Market: Txture enables assessment and migration teams to get up to speed fast with a standardized process and Txture’s certification program.
  • Increased Assessment Speed: Txture increases your assessment and migration speed through automated data collection and recommendations.
  • Higher Assessment Quality: Txture analyses applications holistically from a business, security, compliance, and technical perspective, reducing client resistance and enabling optimized decision making.

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Stefan Heilig
Partner Manager, Txture

Christian Binder
Business Developer, STACKIT

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