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End-to-end Cloud Transformation at MediaMarktSaturn

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MediaMarktSaturn Success Story

Innovative products. Consistent service orientation.
This slogan runs through the entire company philosophy and is complemented by innovative topics in the area of technology & cloud.

The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is Europe's leading consumer electronics retailer in terms of sales, selling space and number of employees. The company operates 1023 stores in 13 countries and employs a total of around 53,000 people. With its interlinked online and offline offerings, MediaMarktSaturn reaches millions of customers every day.

MediaMarktSaturn is continually developing its range of services in order to offer its customers solutions that meet their personal needs and perfectly round off their shopping experience.

In order to guarantee this optimized service process, the company's IT must be continuously improved and adapted as well. The overall goal of MediaMarktSaturn was to get a transparent overview of their IT landscape, to optimize their application portfolio, and to make sure that all applications they want to migrate are cloud-ready.


The starting point of the project was the desire to get a holistic overview of the entire IT infrastructure. Since many applications were running on-premise, but others were already in the cloud, it was important in the first step to make a comprehensive evaluation of the IT landscape.

MediaMarktSaturn was looking for a tool that would support them in the evaluation and optimization process, as well as for a consulting firm that would accompany them holistically on the journey to the cloud. This is where Txture, the end-to-end cloud transformation software, and Accenture, the leading cloud consulting firm, came into play.

Txture as a holistic cloud transformation solution offers a future-proof foundation to guide organizations through large-scale cloud transformation and continuously modernize their cloud application landscape.

Accenture is MediaMarktSaturn's partner for over 15 years. In the past years the two companies already worked together in infrastructure and especially in cloud topics. Accenture delivers expert knowledge in IT infrastructure, DevOps and change management and always focuses on a customized solution for their clients. Together with MediaMarktSaturn they chose Txture to start the cloud migration process.

One of the key factors of any cloud transformation is to migrate securely, quickly, and cost-efficiently and to ensure the maintenance of stable IT operations. In this case, it was also very important, due to data center closures, to quickly onboard the product team and initiate the first cloud migration preparations as soon as possible.


In order to meet these requirements, it is of course necessary to have comprehensive advice on the entire path to the cloud, as well as the right tooling to ensure the greatest possible cost efficiency and speed.

For this, Accenture's consulting expertise was important to define the migration strategy and prepare the roadmap while the application assessment was facilitated and speed-up with Txture. The big advantage here was that many of the assessment steps are fully automated. In this way, the as-is landscape was captured smoothly and the transition to the next phase was seamless.

Together we were able to map the complete end-to-end process: From the application assessment phase, through the migration preparations, to the actual cloud migration and continuous cloud application governance.

Outcome & Benefits

The greatest benefit of working with Accenture and Txture was clearly the professional approach, the fast response times, and the straightforward and easy-to-use tool.

Txture provides a tool for application assessment but also a visual management tool in which one can clearly and dynamically create reports and continuously prepare for further optimization of the cloud environment. Another important aspect is the data foundation on which MediaMarktSaturn can continuously modernize its application portfolio taking into account all requirements of cloud governance. Besides Txture’s capabilities during the Cloud Transformation, in the long-term, Txture offers a wider variety of features for cloud enterprise architecture management and IT landscape portfolio management.

MediaMarktSaturn asked Accenture for further support in the implementation of migrations as part of a Capacity Service. In addition to extensive experience with application migration, Accenture provides a support team for preparation and implementation. Besides the cloud migration Accenture and MediaMarktSaturn are focusing on the sustainable (asset) data management of the whole company. The new team connects data holding systems and optimizes data flow. These data flows will continue to include Txture as a consolidation tool as well as a survey tool.

Altogether, this is a perfect prerequisite to perform in the cloud and to guarantee our end customers the best experience.

Customer Tip

It is recommended to use all customization features Txture provides. MediaMarktSaturn’s organizational and technical structure is now displayed as it is. Now every MMS employee understands the structure in Txture. There are already a lot of other features implemented, but if a new one is required you can always discuss it with the Txture development team.

Cloud Success StoryCustomer Quote: Helmut Tutas, MediaMarktSaturn.
Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
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