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Txture celebrates 5 year anniversary

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Txture is 5

Our partners, customers, advisors, and colleagues have supported our efforts, fueled our ideas and powered the momentum that has resulted in world-class cloud assessment and transformation software over the last five years.

Txture was officially founded as a company in March 2017.
Let's take a look at the past, present, and future of Txture. Explore our five-year company journey to create a meaningful software solution for easy, cost-optimized, and secure Cloud Transformation and Modernization.

  • March 2017: From research project to company. Txture was founded as a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • December 2018: Moving from the university campus to our own office
  • February 2019: Achieved our global partnership with Accenture
  • September 2020: Released the 20th version of our Cloud Transformation Platform.
  • March 2021: Released our new product Cloud Insider providing cloud market insights and comparability of more than 300k cloud services across 9 public cloud providers
  • May 2021: Opened our office in Boston, MA, USA
  • September 2021: Celebrated 100+ cloud consultants who successfully finished our cloud transformation Certification Program.
  • December 2021: Celebrated more than 50 cloud transformations on 4 continents in a single year
  • March 2022: Finalizing our new product Cloud Business Case Builder to support quick and hassle-free business case comparisons in cloud-to-cloud transformation scenarios

What will the future hold?

The cloud computing market is quickly evolving, both on the provider and customer sides. Providers' service portfolios are constantly developing as they compete for market share, respond to regulatory changes such as Schrems II, and meet client requests for sustainability (green cloud), hybrid cloud, and sovereign cloud. Moreover, we have witnessed a more nuanced approach to cloud migration. Our clients are realizing that a simple lift-and-shift approach migrating to a public cloud provider typically does not bring the expected value. Rather, approaches have been used that select the best cloud solution for a given application from a range of cloud providers, internal hybrid-cloud environments, and focus on cloud-native solutions.

Given these developments, we anticipate increased demand for Txture solutions to support the ongoing modernization of large-scale application settings. Txture solutions continue to make system integrators and cloud transformation teams work considerably more efficiently while saving money, lowering risk, and expediting continuing cloud modernization.

We are looking forward to another eventful year with our partners and clients, as well as continuing to be a worldwide driver of successful cloud modernization journeys.

Ambitious growth targets

The cloud market continues to grow steadily and cloud based modernizations of on-premise application landscapes and existing cloud estates are priority initiatives of many enterprises. Txture is a cloud knowledge company and software vendor with a strong footprint in exactly those initiatives. We again expect superb revenue growth for 2022 and will extend our team further in all areas.

All that we have achieved would not be possible without the remarkable Txture team, its persistence and dedication, as well as the absolute trust and collaboration of our partners and clients. Many thanks!

Thank you!

Bianca Wolf
Bianca Wolf
Bianca is Marketing Manager at Txture. Her heart beats for interesting news, new markets, exciting events, strong partnerships and inspiring contacts.