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Detailed cloud technology comparisons for proposal selection

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Screenshot cloud technology comparisons for proposal selection

Leveraging cloud product feature comparisons for migration decisions

Detailed information on cloud product features is now available in the proposal selection view to help you select the right cloud technologies for your goals.

When planning out detailed target architectures, you may have several technology options for each component. So far, in Txture you had the possibility to select preferred technologies to get a filtered view of only relevant proposals that contain these technologies.

But what if you are not certain about the differences between particular cloud products? An additional feature allows you now to view detailed comparisons of all cloud products per technology category to assist you while selecting a potential target architecture for migration.

Screenshot with Overview of available proposals for an application target architectureOverview of available proposals for an application target architecture. The section above shows all technologies contained in these proposals grouped by category.

In the example above you see three different proposals for GCP, which differ in their technical components. If you need to take a closer look at the technologies in order to choose the right proposal for your use case, simply go to “Compare features”. A table with detailed product descriptions and key features will give you more information as you can see below:

Screenshot of Products' tab of a cloud proposalFeature comparison table of available database options for the target architecture scenario of a certain application.

Additionally, we provide detailed information about all cloud products that have been added to a particular application target architecture proposal. This provides you with a useful overview to navigate to more detailed insights about a cloud product, similar products available and migration tools to be leveraged to assist a migration. See the new "Products" tab in each target architecture proposal for it:

Screenshot of Products' tab of a cloud proposal'Products' tab of a proposal which lists all contained products along with their key features, migration tool recommendations and product alternatives

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