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Enterprise architects are a crucial part of any organization. You are responsible for optimally governing and transforming the application landscape, in order to achieve business goals and make innovation possible. It goes without saying that cloud transformation and cloud governance are some of your key responsibilities.


One of the biggest challenges for many architects is having a continuous overview of the application and technical landscape of your organization, enabling you to plan optimizations and better support the business. Achieving this kind of transparency is difficult because information is often distributed between different data silos and stakeholders. Additionally, enterprise architects are often charged with assessing applications for cloud readiness, risk and cloud business value. Creating methods for these assessments is no easy task, particularly if you are starting from scratch.


Txture is a proven enterprise architecture management platform with many additional features to support your cloud transformation. One of the key differentiating features of Txture Cloud Application Portfolio is its flexible data model, which can be adapted to suit your modeling requirements. Using its unique data integration and discovery mechanisms, Txture helps you to keep a continuous overview of your application portfolio and provides you with standard reports for use cases, such as capability management, technology management, data governance and application lifecycle management. Continuous modernization is also possible thanks to Txture’s cloud assessment features.
Flexible data model
Unique data integration & discovery mechanisms
Standard reports

benefits for enterprise architects

Increase Efficiency

Standardized reports for application lifecycle management, capability management and many other use cases give you all the data you need at the click of a button.

Reduce Operational Risk

By identifying technical liabilities and quickly addressing them, you can reduce risk and stay compliant at all times.

Reduce Costs

Free up financial resources by identifying redundant applications and cost drivers early on in your transformation journey.

Speed Up Cloud Transformation

The Txture platform is driven by enterprise architecture principles, helping you to streamline your cloud transformation.

Continuous Modernization

Txture enables you to continuously modernize your IT landscape by reigning in legacy technologies and keeping your technology stack flexible and up to date.

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