Cloud Readiness Assessment

Quickly assess your application landscape for cloud readiness, migration risk, and cloud value, and decide on the right 6R migration strategies.

Streamline cloud readiness assessments for thousands of applications

Assessing your existing applications is a key aspect of cloud transformation. In order to make good migration decisions, you need to analyze the current state of your IT landscape. Which applications are cloud-ready? Which ones need a longer transition period? Which ones have higher security standards?

Using the Txture platform, you can streamline this process, and define each application's cloud readiness, migration risk and migration value, as well as a relevant migration strategy based on the 6Rs. With Txture, you save time and you make faster, more accurate migration decisions.


  • Faster assessment of large-scale application portfolio
  • 6R assessment of your applications
  • Faster and better decision-making for the migration strategy
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Make more informed decisions

Data Completeness Check

Spot applications where information is missing. For each application, Txture calculates the completeness of your collected data and warns you if the information available is not complete enough to perform an accurate application assessment.

Data Completeness Check

Assess your applications in-depth

360° assessment based on your specific requirements

Define your migration requirements. What is your preferred cloud provider? Which applications are the most critical for your business? Is cost the most important factor for your decision? Use Txture's preferences section to specify your needs and get tailored migration recommendations.

Set preferences at application level. You can set assessment preferences for all applications, but also for each application individually. This gives you unmatched precision in the assessment phase.

Application Assessment Preferences

Start your migration with the best insights

Cloud assessment scores for each application

Cloud readiness score. Based on the data about your IT estate, and the assessment preferences you defined, Txture calculates a cloud readiness score. It reflects the level of complexity of moving this application to the cloud.

Cloud risk and benefit scores. The cloud risk score highlights potential security or compliance risks associated with the migration of the application. The benefit score reflects the benefit that the migration will bring to your organization.

Cloud Risk And Business Value

See Txture in action

See how the Txture platform helps you perform detailed cloud readiness assessments for all your applications.

Make the right migration decisions from the start

Migration strategy recommendations

6R strategy recommendation. Each application is analyzed and a migration strategy is recommended (based on the 6Rs model).

Cloud service strategy recommendation. In addition, the platform provides you with a recommendation for the best-suited cloud service strategy (containerisation, managed services, etc).

6R Migration Recommendation

Plan your migration efficiently

Automated recommendations for migration timing

Better organize your migration efforts. Based on the application assessment (migration benefit, complexity, risk...), Txture recommends a migration timing for each application, from short-term to long-term, helping you prioritize your migration initiatives.

Migration Timing

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See how to streamline application assessment and the definition of the optimal 6R migration strategy with the Txture platform.

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Transformation Phases

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