Cloud Center of Excellence

Supporting the Cloud Center of Excellence with end-to-end cloud transformation


As a member of the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), part of your core tasks is defining the cloud strategy for your organization and governing its execution. You play a crucial role in creating the “new normal” of IT operation, helping to facilitate fast decision making and spreading cloud knowledge throughout the organization.


The CCoE is confronted with vast IT landscapes, distributed knowledge and diverse internal stakeholders as well as external providers. The cloud service market landscape is continuously evolving, making it hard to track both prices and the latest technology. Assessing the application portfolio for cloud risk, business value and technical readiness and then deciding on migration strategies can quickly become a long-drawn-out process. Reporting on the transformation’s progress to a diverse list of stakeholders is yet another challenge.


Txture provides the CCoE with a centralized platform to manage the entire cloud transformation and continuous modernization process end-to-end. It helps you hit the ground running with a standardized assessment plus migration planning and tracking process. Txture also provides a clear overview of the migration process, as well as flexible reporting mechanisms, enabling you to make fast decisions while keeping your stakeholders in the loop.
  • Centralized Platform
  • Standardized Assessment, Migration and Tracking Processes
  • Flexible Reporting Mechanisms

Increased Migration Speed

Increase your migration speed with Txture’s automated discovery and assessment, 6R migration recommendations, automated roadmap planning and migration tracking.

Reduced Migration Costs

Reduce migration costs by increasing your assessment speed, comparing prices between cloud providers and transparently taking advantage of right-sizing and cost cutting through long-term commitments.

Reduced Risks

Reduce migration risks with a holistic application-level analysis of your portfolio, while keeping a continuous overview of your migration process and deeply analyzing the certification, security and compliance requirements of your applications.

Spreading Cloud Knowledge

The Txture platform helps the CCoE spread knowledge about cloud technologies and the optimal technical fit within the organization.

Continuous Modernization

Txture enables you to establish a continuous modernization practice, reigns in legacy technologies and keeps your technology stack flexible and up to date.


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