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The financial services industry is under strong market pressure. Traditional players are at threat from global and local competition and more and more small innovative fintechs are eating away at market segments. At the same time, financial institutions can be slow to adopt new technologies and provide innovative services due to their complex, highly regulated and often outdated IT infrastructure. A move to the cloud is the best way to stay agile and competitive, while reducing costs.


Although financial institutions are becoming more open to moving to the cloud, the process is hampered by the complexity of their applications, as well as strict and ever changing regulatory requirements. Since many financial institutions aim for a big bang approach and move extremely fast, they are often overwhelmed with the overall size of the undertaking, even if many external resources are added. There is the risk of failure to contend with, along with uncertainty about how the new cloud technologies fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.


Txture Cloud Transformation is an end-to-end transformation management solution for financial institutions. It assesses your institution’s application landscape, taking into account any specific certification and regulatory industry requirements. 
The platform then recommends transformation options, while highlighting risks and cost-saving opportunities. Overall, Txture provides cloud transformation teams with a platform that speeds up the entire assessment and transformation process and keeps stakeholders in the loop. 
It helps to reduce migration risks and enables teams like the Cloud Center of Excellence to effectively support their organization on its journey to the cloud.
Specific regulatory requirements are taken into account
Speed up the assessment and transformation process
Reduce migration risk

Benefits for financial services

Innovation at Speed

Txture enables you to identify the applications that will have the biggest impact as innovation drivers when moved to the cloud.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Our standard assessment rules help you to identify the applications with the most risk that need to comply with regulations, before recommending optimal cloud services with the required certifications.

Reduce Costs

Txture Cloud Transformation helps you to reduce transformation costs with right-sizing, service commitments and an overall increase in the speed of the transformation.

Continuous Modernization

Txture enables you to continuously modernize your IT landscape, by reigning in legacy technologies and keeping your technology stack flexible and up to date.

Risk Reduction

Txture helps to reduce risks and supports the Cloud Center of Excellence with different aspects of the transformation, including cloud governance, regulatory reporting and compliance.

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