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As a cloud provider, you are in the race to dominate the global cloud market. Many of the easy-to-migrate workloads have already been migrated, but now the battle to migrate complex legacy workloads at large and highly regulated enterprises starts. Together with your strategic partners, you need to position yourself correctly to win upcoming bids and become the trusted partner of these major corporate accounts. Having the optimal tools for your internal professional services teams and your system integrator partners is essential for winning bids and executing projects successfully.


Now is the time to scale up. Your teams and partners need to be able to assess vast application landscapes across the globe, while taking the business, security and compliance requirements of each client into account. At the same time, your teams need to accelerate through automation, have a continuous overview of the migration progress and report to all stakeholders. Making all this possible across many parallel, large-scale transformation projects is a very difficult task.


Txture Cloud Transformation is an end-to-end cloud transformation platform that enables cloud providers to scale up and speed up their client’s migrations, specifically in the context of complex and highly regulated organizations. It provides a structured and efficient assessment and migration process, along with automated data collection on an application and infrastructure level. Txture Cloud Application Portfolio enables you to continuously assess and modernize your client’s application and infrastructure landscape and strategically position your cloud services. Txture’s Cloud Insider provides your pre-sales teams with competitive insights into services, pricing, trends and performance benchmarks. This way, it increases the speed of answering RFPs, frees up resources and ultimately increases your chances of winning bid
  • Structured and efficient assessment
  • Strategically position your cloud services
  • Gain competitive insights

Win More Bids

Txture Cloud Transformation is an effective visual sales tool that increases your success at winning bids and makes assessments easy.

10x Increased Assessment Speed

Automated data collection on an application and infrastructure level, as well as automated migration recommendations, allow you to speed up the assessment phase and move on to the actual migration and managed services, where the real margins can be expected.

Competitive Insights

Compare performance, services, prices, location and certification of your competitors in an easy-to-use interface.

Enable System Integrator Partners

Txture standardizes assessment and migration projects, enabling your system integrator partners to work faster and increasing the quality of their work.


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