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Announcing new AWS collaboration: Taking cloud transformation to new heights

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Announcing new AWS collaboration: Taking cloud transformation to new heights

We are thrilled to announce our exciting new collaboration with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

This relationship offers future AWS clients a tool that streamlines the process of migrating to AWS. Clients can tap into funding opportunities to make use of Txture's capabilities for building business cases and assessing their IT applications. A diverse range of clients globally trust Txture's solutions, including large organizations, system integrators, chip producers, and industry-leading cloud service providers like AWS.

Download the offical press release here.

Matthias Farwick, Founder & CEO of Txture on new collaboration with AWS

The collaboration between Txture and AWS aids clients in their mr IT landscape, enabling them to map it to comparable (like-for-like) or modernized AWS services. Txture allows clients to quickly assess their as-is IT landscape and understand the status quo. Based on the clients’ own requirements, Txture calculates different AWS migration scenarios with detailed comparisons of features, costs, and CO2 forecasts.

This empowers organizations to make well-informed decisions regarding their AWS migration. Organizations looking to benefit from Txture’s above described capabilities foigration to AWS, no matter if they are transitioning from other cloud providers or an on-premises setup. Clients can apply for financial support to use Txture for in-depth analysis of their their migration to AWS, can find more information and funding options here: Migrate to AWS with Txture

Learn more about Txture’s Business Case Builder and its features in this short introduction and demo video:

Txture calculates different AWS migration proposalsTxture calculates different AWS migration proposals based on each company’s unique preferences and requirements, allowing clients to compare different scenarios.

Provider-Neutral Cloud Transformation Software

When deployed independently of the direct collaboration with AWS, Txture's platform proudly remains impartial: It is not biased towards any specific cloud or chip providers in its transformation planning services. Clients open to exploring the free market of cloud services can expect a completely provider-neutral comparison of all available and suitable services. Txture’s mission is to equip clients with the necessary tools and expertise to succeed in their cloud transformation journey, irrespective of the chosen cloud provider.

Looking for a demo of the Txture platform?

Our experts are happy to showcase the features of our software and how it can benefit your cloud migration to AWS or also to other providers. Book your free demo now!

Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena Weyerhäuser
Lena works as Performance Marketing Manager at Txture. She’s raising awareness of the digital transformation benefits, and creates visibility for Txture’s Cloud Migration Solutions.