Cloud Readiness Assessment

Quickly assess your application landscape for cloud readiness, migration risk, and cloud value, and decide on the right 6R migration strategies.

Streamline cloud readiness assessments for thousands of applications

Assessing your existing applications is a key aspect of cloud transformation. In order to make good migration decisions, you need to analyze the current state of your IT landscape. Which applications are cloud-ready? Which ones need a longer transition period? Which ones have higher security standards?

Using the Txture platform, you can streamline this process, and define each application's cloud readiness, migration risk and migration value, as well as a relevant migration strategy based on the 6Rs. With Txture, you save time and you make faster, more accurate migration decisions.


  • Faster assessment of large-scale application portfolio
  • 6R assessment of your applications
  • Faster and better decision-making for the migration strategy
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Data Completeness Check

For each application, Txture calculates the completeness of your collected data and warns you if the information available is not complete enough to perform an accurate application assessment or target architecture recommendation. Easily spot applications where data is missing, take action to fill data gaps, and minimize the risk of making bad decisions.

Data Completeness Check

Cloud Readiness Calculation

Based on all collected data about the as-is IT landscape and a set of more than 80 configurable assessment rules for automated analyses, Txture calculates a cloud readiness score for your application. It helps you plan your migration efforts, identify potential quick wins, and spot areas of complexity that might require a more detailed look. This way, you can come up with an efficient plan to save time during the migration and keep all stakeholders aligned!

Cloud Readiness Calculation

Cloud Risk and Business Value

Based on the results of the cloud readiness analysis, Txture also assesses the risks and benefits of migrating each application to the cloud. This helps you identify applications with high cloud business value (e.g., increased performance, increased agility, etc.) for better prioritization of your cloud migration roadmap. Minimize risk with automated alerts of potential data breaches, availability issues, etc.

Cloud Risk And Business Value

6R migration recommendations

Based on the collected data and Txture assessment framework, each application is analyzed and a migration strategy is recommended (based on the 6Rs model).This automated recommendation system helps you save time by faster identifying the relevant migration strategy. Gain more confidence in your migration decision as you know the cloud strategy was defined on the basis of a thorough application assessment.

6R Migration Recommendation

Per application cloud provider recommendation

Based on your selection of preferred cloud providers for your transformation project, Txture recommends suitable cloud products for each application. If one application is already deployed with a specific provider (or is planned to be deployed), Txture will highlight this. It would likely make sense to also move other applications that communicate with the existing cloud application to the same provider. Enjoy a faster comparison of the migration options offered by your preferred cloud providers and choose the migration option that best fits your strategy with more confidence.

Per Application Cloud Provider Recommendation

Migration timing

Based on the application assessment (benefits of moving to the cloud, migration complexity, etc.), Txture recommends a migration timing for each application, from short-term to long-term. Increase speed and productivity by better organizing your migration efforts.

Migration Timing

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