Continuous Modernization

Driving continuous cloud native modernization and optimization in your application portfolio

One place to monitor your cloud estate and identify modernization opportunities

To stay agile and competitive, organizations need to continuously transform their IT. But the complexity of the IT landscape in large organizations, along with varying levels of knowledge about legacy applications, makes it hard to get a full overview of the existing application portfolio.

Txture provides you with a scalable solution to identify target applications and discover the best modernization options from a financial, risk, and technical perspective. Using the 6R method, Txture shows you a wide range of cloud native application modernization scenarios, both in the public and private cloud.


  • Effectively compare modernization business cases
  • Get an overview of the application optimization opportunities
  • Choose the right modernization strategy
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Continuous Modernization

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How to optimize your IT portfolio?

Modernization Recommendations

Individual forecast of efforts and benefits. Txture analyzes your current cloud or on-premises IT portfolio and suggests modernization options, such as containerized deployment or managed services and databases utilization.

Modernize now. Identify and pursue modernization opportunities with greater accuracy and promptness to improve organizational performance and cut costs.

Modernization Recommendations

All options at hand

Cloud Native Services Catalogue

Huge Cloud Knowledge Base. Txture's Cloud Insider helps you stay up-to-date with the latest cloud market developments. Cloud Insider contains over 400.000 cloud product variants from all well-known hyperscalers.

Try Cloud Insider for free now. Cloud Insider is tightly integrated in Txture. Discover and compare different cloud options for quick cost estimates and detailed cloud-native solution crafting.Compare Cloud Services for free on Cloud Insider

Cloud Native Catalogue

Optimize your IT's carbon footprint

CO2 & Electricity Consumption Forecast

Clear emission forcasts. Compare electricity consumption (kWh/month) and emission forecasts (kg/month) for different cloud services and providers.

Build your green portfolio. Easily find the right products and efficient locations to improve your cloud architecture's sustainability and ultimately save costs.

Co2 Electricity Consumption Forecast

See Txture in action

Our experts are happy to showcase how Txture helps you to modernize your IT portfolio.

Customized reports at your disposition

Transformation Tracking Reports

Large set of reports. Easily customize your reports to include exactly the data you want to view or share. Give other stakeholders access to your entire transformation dashboard, a specific report, or a selection of reports.

Focus on the important. Spend less time on reporting and gather all the information you need in one place to better collaborate with all stakeholders involved and justify your decisions.

Transformation Tracking

Clear understanding of your IT estate

Application Portfolio and Asset Management

All data in a central repository. Txture gathers data on your business processes, organizational units, applications, interfaces, and underlying tech stack. Effortlessly visualize deployment stacks and architectural constructs.

Clear decision paths. Use this single source of truth to your advantage and lay a solid foundation to speed up the decision-making process for your IT portfolio modernization opportunity.

App Portfolio

Transformation Phases

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