Data Collection for Cloud Transformation

Speed up the collection of application data and get a clear overview of your existing application portfolio.

Streamline data collection and speed up the mapping of your IT estate

Before planning a cloud transformation, you need to analyze your existing IT estate. But collecting information about your applications can easily become a labor-intensive task.

With Txture, you can ingest data from a wide variety of sources. The platform also spots the applications where data is incomplete, and helps you fill in the missing information faster. All data is gathered in a central repository, where you get a clear overview of your current applications and their dependencies. This way, you accelerate the first step of your cloud transformation and you create a solid foundation for future migration initiatives.


  • Faster data collection process
  • Centralized overview of your existing IT landscape
  • Up-to-date information thanks to continuous data synchronisation
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Data integration from a wide variety of sources

Ingest data from existing CMDBs, EAM tools, infrastructure discovery solutions (Movere, Stratozone, Cloudscape, etc.), and virtualization environments (VMware, RHEV, HyperV, etc.). Txture also supports data imports from any generic data source, such as SQL databases or CSV files.
All collected data is gathered in Txture’s central repository, in a common asset data structure, where you can directly visualize and analyze your entire IT landscape.
Collect data faster, combine all information into a single source of truth, and make more informed migration decisions!

Data Integration From Sources

Cloud infrastructure discovery via cloud provider API Integration

Txture integrates with your current cloud providers’ APIs so you get a full view of your cloud infrastructure. This enables you to weigh your cloud-to-cloud migration options and identify cost-saving opportunities at your existing or alternative cloud provider.
Save costs by identifying cloud-to-cloud alternatives with other providers.

Cloud Infrastructure Data Collection

Integrated online surveys to fill data gaps

When data about an application and its architecture is not complete, you can create customizable surveys with Txture (or use our pre-made templates) and send them directly from the platform to collect information from thousands of application owners. The collected data then automatically syncs with the platform’s repository.
Collect complementary information and fill data gaps faster, saving time and minimizing mistakes!

Integrated Online Survey

Continuous data synchronization over the entire transformation cycle

Schedule data imports to continuously synchronize data from primary data sources into Txture’s repository. This enables an up-to-date overview of data from all integrated data silos.
Keep track of your latest infrastructure state in a central repository. Minimize risk by basing your decision on the most up-to-date information.

Continuous Data Synchronization

Architectural Modeling

Txture also provides the option for manual data management in both graphical and form-based ways. Connection and mapping of architectural elements can be done in Txture’s visio-style modeling view.

Architecture Modelling

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