Txture Cloud Business Case Builder

Powering rapid business case calculations for cloud-to-cloud and on-premise to cloud transformations.

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What is Txture Cloud Business Case Builder?

Txture‘s Cloud Business Case Builder (CB) is your solution for automating cloud-to-cloud assessments and business case estimations. It allows for rapid analysis of large-scale cloud environments of all major cloud providers. Txture CB assesses the currently used cloud services by integrating cloud service provider APIs, local virtualization environments, CMDBs, or data dumps and generates the business case scenarios for your cloud transformation.
  • Effective business case comparison
  • Automated flexible data input
  • Reduced time-to-commit or bid response
  • Increased consulting quality


Effectively compare alternative business case scenarios

Txture CB makes use of our extensive cloud knowledge base, including cloud-to-cloud product mappings, on-premise technologies to cloud service mappings, up-to-date cloud service prices, and much more. Define cloud strategies that are of interest to you and let Txture CB perform automated business case generation. Compare business case alternatives from various angles and decide with confidence on your way forward.

Leverage automated and flexible data input for business case results

Depending on the client situation, data access to IT assets may be restricted, especially in the pre-sales phases. To help you work on the limited data you’ve got, Txture CB supports a wide variety of data sources and lets you connect e.g. to the client’s accounts with different cloud service providers or upload a custom spreadsheet containing a data dump.

Reduce time-to-commit through automation and decision support

Once you’ve loaded IT asset data into Txture CB, cloud business case alternatives for different cloud service providers, service model preferences, or pricing models are generated in a matter of minutes. This helps you spend valuable time comparing and making quality decisions for your client. Reduce time investments and scale up on deals.

Increase consulting quality through in-depth business case analysis

To support quality decision-making, Txture CB offers various comparison modes on top of business case scenarios. Pick the right scenario to create your offer or discuss with the client cloud cost forecasts, pricing options, target state cloud service portfolios, migration statistics, or custom billing items to get the transformation going.

Use Cases

Cloud Business Case Calculation

Quickly understand the expenses of the client with its current cloud service provider or on-premise landscape and automatically draw alternative deployment options in the cloud. Txture CB inventories the existing IT infrastructure by leveraging the cloud service providers' APIs, the client’s CMDB, or plain CSV data dumps. Simply define your cloud strategy preferences for a business case analysis and automatically receive cost, pricing options, and cloud service mappings across many supported cloud service providers, geo-locations, and more, that can be presented to your client.

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Cloud Business Case Comparison

Once you have come up with one or multiple alternative business cases, Txture CB provides you with all the necessary tools to get detailed insights and decide on a way forward. Txture CB lets you compare overall cost, all available pricing options, leveraged cloud services, cost per service category, and how well a business case reflects your cloud strategy. Add custom cost items to express migration cost, management fees, and such, and use Txture CB as a comprehensive way to discuss and negotiate with your client or answer bids.

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Wide data collection support

Txture CB supports a wide variety of data sources it can connect to, such as the cloud service providers' APIs, e.g. of Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AWS or Azure, CMDBs e.g. from ServiceNow, and typical virtualization environments like VMware, Hyper-V or RHEV. In case you are provided with data dumps in spreadsheets, Txture CB helps you to easily ingest and map the data as well.

Automatic bill of materials

When kicking off business case computations, Txture CB leverages our extensive, up-to-date knowledge of cloud service offerings across many supported cloud service providers. Txture CB considers all provided data e.g. about client’s computing, storage, or database assets to produce cloud service mappings and expected cost, by using proper asset sizing and technology configurations. The resulting bill of materials is your detailed baseline for conducting further analysis.

Various comparison views

For a comprehensive analysis of your business cases, Txture CB offers several reports and comparison modes. Compare cost, pricing options, cost per service category, service sizing per category, look at migration statistics and identify how well your business cases match with the cloud strategy that you have laid out.


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