Txture Cloud Application Portfolio

Managing and modernizing your hybrid cloud application portfolio

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What is Txture Cloud Application Portfolio?

IT transformation never stops. Txture Cloud Application Portfolio enables you to strategically plan, manage and modernize your cloud and application portfolio — before, during and after your move to the cloud.
  • Visibility of Processes, Applications and Infrastructure
  • Reduced IT Complexity, Risks and Costs
  • Increased Agility and Modernized IT


Visibility of Processes, Applications and Infrastructure

Take the visibility of your processes, hybrid-cloud applications and underlying technology stack to the next level. In doing so, you can reduce risk, modernize your portfolio and save costs.

Reduced IT Complexity

By being aware of the dependencies of your IT landscape, you can take action to reduce complexity and modernize your application portfolio according to your business needs and technology strategy.

Increased Agility and Modernized IT

Txture provides a complete overview of your technology and application landscape, helping you to modernize your IT in a structured fashion and increase your IT agility to react to market demands.

Reduced IT Risks

Reduce your IT risk by understanding dependencies and being able to quickly identify technology risk and regulatory exposure.

Reduced Costs

The platform helps to reduce costs by understanding where the key cost drivers are and suggests different technology approaches for optimization.

Single Source of Truth for Applications and Infrastructure

Txture excels in integrating all your data silos to create a single source of truth for your business. This gives you a clear overview of your IT landscape, from your business processes right down to your infrastructure.

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Continuous Application Modernization and Consolidation

Txture Cloud Application Portfolio helps you to identify applications that are ready for modernization and rationalization. With the help of Txture Cloud Transformation, you can identify detailed cloud target architectures, including their pricing. This allows you to continuously modernize, optimize and rationalize your application landscape, saving costs, reducing technology risks and increasing agility in the process.

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Application Portfolio Management

Txture collects information about your business processes, organizational units and applications along with their interfaces, capabilities and underlying tech-stack. This enables you to plan your application and hybrid infrastructure landscape and your application lifecycle, and to decide which applications pose risks and which need investment — according to Gartner’s TIME framework, for example.

application portfolio management tool

Technology and Risk Management

Txture gives you an overview of the cloud and on-prem technologies used in your organization. Its knowledge engine understands which technologies are outdated, which are vulnerable (via CVEs) and which pose risks and need to be modernized. This overview of your technology lifecycle helps you to avoid technology sprawl and reduces IT risks. Aligning technology analyses and the application lifecycle makes it easier to plan investments and application rationalization, leading to a reduction in both costs and risk.

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Cloud Transformation Reporting and Migration Tracking

Cloud transformations are complex projects with many stakeholders. Txture helps you to keep an eye on your changing application and IT landscape while carrying out a transformation. Txture Cloud Transformation assists with the planning phases of a cloud move and Txture Cloud Application Portfolio makes the progress of the transformation visible. This puts you in the driver’s seat when governing a transformation and helps to ensure that migrations stay on time and on budget.

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Compliance and Audit

The cloud comes with new challenges in terms of compliance and audit. Txture’s solution shows you if your chosen cloud services are compliant with your company's compliance ruleset. Using Txture’s time machine function also provides a new way to track all the IT changes that have taken place.

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Cloud Application Governance

Cloud and DevOps further increase the number of technologies used in your business and the pace of change keeps increasing. Txture gives you a clear overview of the technologies being used and helps you to increase standardization and make the most of your resources.

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Flexible Reports and Dashboards

Txture provides a large variety of standard reports for enterprise architecture management, ranging from application lifecycle diagrams to business supports maps. In addition to the standard visualizations, Txture also has the ability to flexibly configure dashboards and reports for many different use cases.

Data Integration

The best recommendation engine can only be as good as its data input. That is why Txture provides highly sophisticated data collection mechanisms that help you collect data about your application and infrastructure landscape and keep it up to date. This includes agentless discovery and many connectors to standard data sources, such as CMDBs or self-built data silos.


To crowd-source information about the application landscape and keep it up to date, Txture provides a built-in survey mechanism. This enables you to collect data from application owners at scale and continuously use the power of the crowd to keep your data high quality.


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