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What is Txture Cloud Transformation?

Txture Cloud Transformation helps the Cloud Center of Excellence and cloud consulting professionals to save costs, reduce risks and speed up complex cloud transformation projects. By automating assessment and 6R decisions, comparing cloud target architectures and facilitating migration wave planning, Txture drives your cloud transformation from beginning to end.
  • Reduced Migration Risk & Cost
  • Increased Transformation Speed
  • End-to-End Standardized Process


Reduced Migration Risk

Txture analyzes the IT landscape on the application and infrastructure level, taking business, security and compliance aspects into account when performing cloud assessments.

Reduced Costs

Txture not only compares cloud providers, but also right-sizes their services and highlights cost-saving opportunities from long-term commitments. This enables you to compare your on-premise costs with potential cloud prices, helping to reduce costs throughout your entire cloud journey.

Increased Transformation Speed

With automated data collection, a standardized process, automated assessment rules and auto-generated target architectures, Txture significantly increases transformation speed and enables much faster decision making.

End-to-End Standardized Process

Txture provides a standardized but adaptable process for the entire transformation — from data collection and assessment to target architecture creation, wave planning and migration tracking. This way, you save time and no longer have to reinvent the wheel with each new project.

Cloud Compliance

Txture’s assessment rules take your industry-specific regulatory requirements into account, so that you can make the right migration decisions to ensure compliance, for example with data privacy regulations. It also recommends the cloud services that provide your required certifications.

Transparent Transformation Process

With standardized migration progress reporting, automated migration tracking and dashboards, Txture gives you a clear overview of the migration process, helping you to identify bottlenecks and reducing reporting effort in the process. This makes it an important tool for transformation governance.

Unified Solution

Txture is a universal solution and your central platform for planning and managing a cloud move. The seamless process reduces friction between tools and teams and speeds up your transition to the cloud.

Use Cases

Cloud Transformation Scenario Simulation

The transformation scenario simulation feature performs fast application level analyses that enable you to compare migration scenarios for your entire application portfolio. For example, you can compare the technical and financial implications of a lift-and-shift migration to AWS versus a full-blown containerization with GCP. Being able to make faster decisions with less risk saves you both significant costs and time.

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Cloud Transformation Business Case Calculation

The business case calculation feature compares the current costs — both cloud and on-premise — to alternative deployment models in either the public cloud or your private cloud. This enables you to make the right application migration decisions faster and more accurately, which helps to keep your transformation on time and on budget.

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Cloud Application (Readiness) Assessment

The cloud assessment feature collects data about applications and their tech-stack to calculate technical cloud readiness, potential cloud business value and migration risk. With a comprehensive assessment process, you can make migration decisions at scale, while significantly reducing migration risk and increasing speed.

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Migration Strategy (6R) Decision Making

Based on Txture’s assessment rule set, each application is analyzed and migration recommendations are generated according to the 6Rs of cloud migration. This allows you to make migration decisions based on specific cloud strategies and helps with rationalizing your application portfolio.

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Cloud Target Architecture Comparison

The Txture platform generates target architectures for your preferred migration strategies, such as replatforming or containerization, with selected cloud providers. By comparing the technical and financial aspects, you can easily select the best cloud architecture for your organization.

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Migration Roadmap Planning

Txture takes all the applications that are in-scope for a cloud move and helps you to plan their migration in waves. It is crucial to plan migrations based on criteria and relationships. Therefore, Txture makes it easy to create migration roadmaps based on your dependencies.

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Structured Transformation Process

The transformation cockpit guides teams through the best-practice transformation process from assessment to 6R decisions, deciding on target architectures, wave planning and migration tracking along the way. This helps even lesser experienced teams to move fast and make the right decisions.

Automated Data Collection

In order to make the right transformation decisions, you need data about your application and infrastructure landscape. Txture connects to many data sources, making data easier to collect than with typical manual approaches and thus increases speed.

Automated Assessment Surveys

In large organizations, not all data can be collected automatically. To help with this challenge, assessment surveys can be used to crowd-source information from stakeholders. This way, important information can be collected at scale from hundreds or even thousands of stakeholders.

Assessment Rules

The platform provides a set of assessment rules that analyze on-prem or cloud applications from a business, security, compliance and technical perspective, and automatically provide migration or modernization recommendations. These rules help you to make the right migration decisions fast, saving you time and money.

6R Recommendations

Based on your cloud strategy, the platform recommends the 6R migration strategies: rehost, replatform, refactor, repurchase, retire and retain. With a focus on these different approaches, you can make the right migration decisions and rationalize your application portfolio during the transformation.

Right-Sizing and Reserved Instances

Txture ingests your current consumption from external tools and makes recommendations on how to right-size services in the cloud. The platform also shows you how much money can be saved by committing long-term to cloud service usage, helping you save costs early on in your cloud journey.

Flexible Transformation Reporting

A set of standard and adaptable reports provide a scalable way to analyze your IT landscape and report internally and externally on your large-scale transformation or continuous modernization projects. This allows you to keep the right stakeholders in the loop and to stay on time and on budget.


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