Green Cloud Assessment

Quickly assess your IT landscape for cloud sustainability and rebuild your cloud portfolio to reduce carbon emissions and -footprint

Assess your apps' carbon footprint and build your green cloud portfolio

Txture helps you evaluate the emissions of your current IT infrastructure and identify opportunities for emission reduction. Based on your set of preferences, Txture suggests different service options with a reduced carbon footprint and allows you to efficiently forecast for each application: - Its current monthly emission of CO2 in kilograms - Viable replacement options with increased sustainability and their CO2 emissions - List of features and associated costs per service.

This automated green cloud assessment allows you to compare cloud service emissions and reach your company’s sustainability goals.


  • Overview of as-is CO2 emissions
  • Generation of sustainability-focused target architectures
  • Comparison of low-emission replacement options for each application or service
  • Detailed cost and service forecast of green cloud portfolios
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Manage your carbon footprint

CO2 & Electricity Consumption Forecast

Get insights into your overall carbon footprint. The Txture platform provides you with a clear overview of the carbon footprint of your entire cloud estate.
Analyze the carbon footprint of specific assets. Get information on the electricity consumption and carbon emissions for each asset that is part of your IT portfolio.

Co2 Electricity Consumption Forecast

Easily compare scenarios

Automated “Green Cloud Architecture” Proposals

Set your sustainabilty goals. Depending on your preferences, Txture generates several possible cloud target architectures for each application.

Transparent decisions. Compare all available options and make informed migration decisions based on:

  • Associated emissions
  • Features & costs
  • Security/regulatory compliance of each product
Automated “Green Cloud Architecture” Proposals

See Txture in action

Our experts are happy to showcase how Txture helps you to optimize your IT sustainability while saving costs.

Predict your costs

Green Cloud Cost Forecast

Identify the most cost- and carbon-efficient alternatives and provide accurate forecasts to other teams:

  • Detailed cost comparison of different providers and technology stacks (e.g., containerization vs. virtualization)
  • Application TCO comparison with different pricing models (e.g. reserved instances vs. on-demand)
Green Cloud Cost Forecast

Stop wasting capacities

Cloud Right-Sizing

Calculate your actual needs. Based on scaling factors that can be defined for e.g. virtual machines or database instances, Txture automatically:

  • suggests right-sized cloud instances
  • limits electricity use to the necessary minimum
  • minimizes your costs and associated emissions
Cloud Right-Sizing

Transformation Phases

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