Continuous Modernization

Driving modernization and innovation in your application portfolio


Many organizations invested heavily in their legacy IT systems. Now they need a refresh of their application landscape to make the most out of recent innovations and benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs and higher reliability. Containers, microservices and cloud technologies are essential ways to drive digitalization and innovation in your organization’s IT landscape. 
Even when you are in the cloud already there is often unexploited potential. One reason is the ever growing cloud product market which has made it difficult to keep track of the latest technologies and application modernization potential.


Application modernization involves identifying the applications and workloads that are the best modernization targets, before deciding which modernization strategy will be most effective. However, the complexity of the IT landscape in a typical large organization, plus varying levels of knowledge about legacy applications, make it hard to get the full overview of your application landscape. Without this overview, it is difficult to create a modernization strategy that is right for your organization.


Txture Cloud Transformation and Txture Cloud Application Portfolio provide you with a scalable solution to identify target workloads and discover the best modernization options from a financial, risk and technical perspective. Using the 6R method, Txture shows you a wide range of application modernization scenarios, including on-premise migrations, containerizations and migration to IaaS, PaaS, aPaaS, FaaS and SaaS services, both in the public and the private cloud.
  • Get an overview of your application modernization targets
  • Choose the right modernization strategy
  • Benefit from better utilization, fewer technological risk & innovation 

Solution Features

Application Modernization Proposals

Based on the assessment of your existing cloud or on-premise application landscape, Txture Cloud Transformation shows you relevant modernization options ranging from low to high modernization effort versus benefit. The comparison of relevant factors such as cost, technical components, migration strategy, hosting location details and more support your decision making process.

calculate cloud readiness

Cloud Native Solution Designs

If you have a specific application modernization in mind or you start from scratch with an application, Txture Cloud Transformation let's you draft your solution freely. Pick available cloud services and configurations across all major cloud providers and compose them to get instant access to solution cost, pricing options and hosting alternatives.

calculate cloud risk and benefit

Cloud Native Services Catalog

Txture's Cloud Insider supports you during solution design and to stay up-to-date with latest cloud market developments. Cloud Insider is a  free SaaS product, currently containing over 250.000 cloud product variants across 8 cloud providers, including all well-known hyper scalers. Cloud Insider is tightly integrated with Txture Cloud Transformation and let's you discover and compare different cloud options for quick cost estimates and detailed cloud native solution crafting.

assess application data completeness

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