Enterprise Architecture Management

Strategically managing your application landscape


Large organizations have vast application and technology landscapes that have grown organically and can be extremely complex, particularly where mergers and acquisitions or transformations are involved. While duplication increases costs, low transparency and outdated technologies pose risks to the organization. To create a more effective IT landscape, you need to have a full overview of the application portfolio, so you can strategically plan and modernize your entire system.


But because of the complexity of the application landscape, and the fact that knowledge is distributed between both stakeholders and data silos, it is extremely difficult to get a full overview of your application and technology landscape. The cloud only complicates things further, as new cloud services and SaaS products are added to the portfolio literally on a daily basis. This situation makes it extremely hard to plan and not only leads to higher costs, but also increases the risk of missing out on potential innovations.


Txture Cloud Application Portfolio gives you a quick and continuous overview of your application landscape. It allows you to integrate existing data silos with crowd-sourced knowledge from stakeholders, giving you a complete picture of your IT infrastructure from an organizational, application and infrastructure perspective. With the help of standardized enterprise architecture reports, you and your team have all the tools you need to optimize your IT and make the right decisions for your organization.
  • Get a transparent overview of your IT Landscape
  • Reduce cost & risk 
  • Create an IT landscape that is ready for the cloud 

solution features

Cloud Governance and Reporting

Txture is a highly flexible and scalable IT asset platform and is built with a long term perspective in mind. Cloud transformations are typically executed within months or years and while some applications undergo a migration, others are either still untouched or already in the new mode of operation. Txture Cloud Application Portfolio can be a central platform for transparency, communication, advise, planning and management of application IT.

cloud governance and reporting

Cloud-to-Cloud assessment and cost comparison

Txture Cloud Application Portfolio stores the information about your current cloud architecture. This enables you to analyse your cloud applications at a later stage again for modernization potential with the same or a different cloud service provider including associated costs to fully exploit the potential of the cloud and further minimize costs.

cloud to cloud assessment and cost comparison

Automated Discovery

Txture collects data from your on-premise application and infrastructure landscape from diverse data sources, such as virtualization environments‚ existing EAM tools, monitoring systems or your CMDB. This saves your team time and money collecting the necessary data for the assessment.

automated discovery

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