Hybrid Cloud Application Discovery

Creating transparency over large hybrid IT landscapes

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Many organizations aim to become more agile with their IT, reduce costs and move to the cloud. To achieve this and make the appropriate migration decisions, transparency over the existing hybrid cloud IT landscape is necessary.


It is typical that organizations only have very limited transparency over their ever expanding application and infrastructure estate. However this transparency is needed to make transformation decisions.


The Txture platform is extremely good in providing a fast and continuous overview of a hybrid cloud IT landscape. This is achieved by a large set of automated discovery mechanisms and an integrated and scalable survey tool to crowdsource information.
Fast overview of hybrid IT landscapes
Automated discovery
Integrated survey tool

solution features

Integrating Existing in-house Data Silos

Txture CT enables you to integrate with existing in-house data silos such as SQL databases or any silos that expose a REST-API. This allows you to make use of existing architectural knowledge in your organization.

data discovery sources

Integrating Vendor-specific Data Sources

Txture provides a wide range of connectors to standard data sources such as cloud provider APIs, CMDBs, virtualization environments and well known infrastructure discovery tools. These are pre-mapped to Txture’s data model.

cloud vendor specific data sources

Crowdsourcing Data via Surveys

Since not all data that is necessary, e.g. for cloud assessments, can be collected automatically, Txture provides a flexible, scalable and integrated survey tool, that is used to crowdsource information.

application data via surveys

Architectural Modelling

Additionally, fine tuning and the connection of architectural elements can be done in Txture’s visio-style modelling view.

cloud architecture modelling

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