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2023 in review

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year in review

2023 is coming to an end, and the cloud world has been more exciting than ever this year!

More and more organizations are embracing cloud transformation. Others have already accomplished a big part of their cloud journey, and now focus on optimizing all aspects of their cloud estate, including the integration of GenAI solutions. Finally, some organizations are moving part of their application stack to a new provider, leading to more cloud-to-cloud migration initiatives.

This year, Txture grew along with the evolution of the cloud industry. First of all, we built strategic partnerships with two leading cloud providers: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. These partnerships are a great opportunity for customers to plan their migration from beginning to end with the Txture tooling, and successfully achieve their move to AWS and GCP.

In 2023, we also introduced a new product to our cloud transformation suite. Txture’s Business Case Builder helps organizations take the right direction at the very beginning of their migration project. It provides customers with a transparent overview of their current IT infrastructure, and enables them to easily compare scenarios for cloud migration.

As the sustainability topic is gaining traction and becoming a priority, organizations are willing to build a greener cloud estate continuously. With this in mind, we have added new features to Txture software throughout 2023. Our customers can now easily compare cloud architectures based on sustainability criteria, and efficiently modernize and decarbonize their infrastructure.

In addition, we continuously improved every part of our transformation cockpit, reinforcing Txture as the standard tool for end-to-end migration planning.

2023 was without a doubt the year of GenAI, and we expect this topic to be at the forefront of IT modernization projects for 2024. More than ever, cloud migration will become a key focus for organizations as it is the basis for using GenAI capabilities at scale. For companies that are already in the cloud, the priority will be to seamlessly integrate AI solutions into their cloud estate. AI integration, as well as sustainability assessments, will be at the center of Txture’s product roadmap in 2024.

Our achievements this year would not have been possible without the Txture team. We want to express our gratitude to the entire team for their dedicated efforts in ensuring the success of Txture. Thanks to your commitment and expertise, we are solving the cloud transformation challenges of large organizations worldwide, year after year!

We also take this opportunity to thank our system integrator and cloud consultant partners for their collaboration and their trust in Txture. With your expertise and our tooling, we have the best combination to support customers at every stage of their migration projects.

We wish you all happy holidays and can’t wait to work on new exciting projects together next year!

Matthias Farwick
Matthias Farwick
Dr. Matthias Farwick is co-founder and CEO of Txture. Before founding Txture, he worked in R&D projects in Austria, Canada, China, Germany, and the United States. He has published more than 30 scientific articles and book chapters in the context of enterprise architecture management and cloud transformation.
Thomas Trojer
Thomas Trojer
Thomas is responsible for the overall product vision at Txture. Joining Txtures enablement teams regularly, he is strongly connected to customers and partners alike. And there is one primary topic he is eager about: building software to solve the crucial problems during a cloud transformation journey.