Cloud Business Case Evaluation

Reduce risks and costs with rapid cloud migration business case calculations.

Powering automated assessments for cloud migrations

Whether you are moving from on-prem to the cloud or from one cloud provider to another, you need to evaluate the business case behind your migration. Which applications can benefit from modernization? What will be the best migration approach? What are the best options for right-sizing and cost saving?

With Txture, you can speed up the mapping of your existing on-premises or cloud estate. The platform helps you identify modernization opportunities, with clear insights into costs, cloud services and carbon footprint. Build your cloud migration business cases faster and make the right modernization decisions!


  • Effective business case calculation
  • Migration scenario comparison
  • Faster migration decisions
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Easy AS-IS infrastructure data collection

Txture supports a wide variety of data sources to gather information about your current on-prem or cloud environment. Besides the cloud service providers' APIs, Txture can connect to CMDBs, and typical virtualization environments. Data imports from simple CSV exports or Excel files are supported as well.

Easy AS-IS infrastructure data collection

Automatic bill of materials

Automatically generate bills of materials for your migration scenarios and tweak them according to your architectural requirements. When kicking off business case computations, Txture leverages our extensive, up-to-date knowledge of cloud service offerings across many supported cloud service providers. Txture considers all provided data, e.g., about computing, storage, or database assets, to produce cloud service mappings and expected costs by using proper asset sizing and technology configurations. The resulting bill of materials is your detailed baseline for conducting further cost analysis.

Automatic bill of materials

Various comparison views

Txture offers several comparison reports for a comprehensive analysis of your business cases. Compare cost, pricing options, cost per service category, service sizing per category, and migration statistics, and identify how well your business cases match with your cloud strategy.

Various comparison views

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