Cloud Target Architecture & Migration Planning

Automatically generate cloud solution architectures based on your migration strategy and plan your migration roadmap.

Define a cloud architecture aligned with your business strategy and requirements

  • For each application that you want to migrate, you need to find the right cloud target architecture.
  • Before making your decision, you need to make sure that the final architecture will efficiently serve your strategy and requirements.

How to define the right cloud architecture for hundreds of applications?

  • In the context of a large-scale cloud migration, defining the right cloud target architecture for each application can be complex and time-consuming.
  • There is a wide range of cloud products, pricing options, and deployment locations.
  • Each cloud provider has its own way of presenting its service offerings, making it difficult to precisely compare features and costs.

Choose the optimal cloud architecture faster with Txture

Txture streamlines the process of building potential target architectures. You can focus on comparing the alternatives and choosing the one that best suits your needs.
Based on the cloud strategy you defined, Txture generates several possible cloud target architectures for each application. Thanks to its extensive cloud knowledge base, Txture provides detailed information about the features and costs of each target architecture. This helps you compare all the options much faster, and make your migration decisions with confidence.
Once you choose the preferred target architecture for your applications, Txture helps you plan the overall migration process, identify priority applications based on several criteria (cloud readiness, business criticality, etc.), and define migration waves.
  • Automatic cloud target architectures and alternatives
  • Compare detailed information about features and costs, and make your decision with confidence
  • Easily generate a prioritized roadmap

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Automatic cloud target architectures and alternatives

Compare detailed information about features and costs, and make your decision with confidence

Easily generate a prioritized roadmap


Automated Cloud Target Architecture Proposals

Based on your assessment results and defined requirements, Txture generates several possible cloud target architectures for each application. The extensive cloud knowledge base of Txture enables you to make decisions more quickly, and easily compare different options.
The platform also provides detailed information about the features, costs, and security/regulatory compliance of each product in the target architecture. Compare all available options much faster to define which target architecture best fits your strategy and make informed migration decisions.

Cloud Target Architecture Proposals

Cost Forecast

Txture offers a detailed cost comparison between different providers and technology stacks (e.g., containerization vs. virtualization). Compare the TCO of an application when different pricing models are chosen (e.g. reserved instances vs. on-demand).
Identify the most cost-efficient alternatives and provide accurate forecasts to other teams.

Cost Forecast

CO2, Electricity Consumption Forecast

With climate change accelerating and recent spikes in electricity prices, CO2 emissions and power consumption of data centers are becoming important measurements, too.
Txture allows you to compare electricity consumption as well as emission forecasts for different cloud target architectures.
Choose the right products and efficient locations, and offload or move services to minimize the carbon footprint of your cloud architecture and ultimately save costs.

Co2 Electricity Consumption Forecast

Cloud Provider Comparison

Txture's up-to-date cloud knowledge base consists of more than 300.000 available cloud service configurations from hyperscalers like AWS, Azure & Google but also niche cloud providers. It builds the foundation of all cloud target architecture proposals.
Evaluate provider options in an instant by comparing cloud product features, additional services, pricing terms and much more on a single platform. Save time and focus on decision-making.Compare Cloud Providers for free on Cloud Insider

Cloud Provider Comparison

Cloud Right-Sizing

Based on scaling factors that can be defined for e.g. virtual machines or database instances, Txture automatically suggests the right-sized cloud instances. Especially in a lift-and-shift scenario, cost benefits can only be achieved via thorough cloud instance right-sizing.
Easily identify the right instance size and minimize your costs.

Cloud Right Sizing

Migration wave planning

Applications can be assigned to migration waves, which allows you to define migration priorities based on dependencies or disposition strategies. Txture instantly creates a Gantt chart based on the information which helps to visualize and communicate your roadmap
Roadmaps are easily created and can be shared with other teams and key stakeholders to keep everyone aligned.

Migration Wave Planning

Transformation Phases

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