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Quickly generating cloud solution architectures for legacy applications

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Many organizations are planning to move their application landscape to the cloud. For each application they need to decide on an appropriate target architecture, that reflects the financial, technical, performance and compliance requirements.


With the diversity of legacy technologies and the complexity of the cloud service catalogues and their pricing schemes, it is an extremely cumbersome task to identify appropriate cloud solution architectures. Cloud solution architects need to weed through dozens of possible cloud deployment options and calculate the associate cloud run costs and performance.


Txture CT automatically analyses existing on-premises and cloud-based architectures and generates appropriate cloud architecture proposals. These are based on your requirements regarding your 6R cloud migration strategy, compliance requirements and cloud provider strategy. The proposal consist of fine-grained solution architectures for IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, CaaS and SaaS that can be fined-tuned to optimize performance and cost. Additionally, Txture CT provides you with a bill of material and architecture diagram for each proposal.
Analysis of on-prem and cloud-based architectures
Solution architectures for IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, CaaS and SaaS
Bill of material and architecture diagrams

solution Features

Generating Target Architecture for different Cloud Providers

Txture CT automatically generates target architecture proposals based on your 6R strategy and your technical, compliance, financial requirements and strategic cloud provider strategy.

cloud target architecture proposals

Generating Detailed Deployment Diagrams

For each cloud solution architecture proposal Txture generates a deployment diagram that shows which architectural components are replaced with what type of cloud service.

cloud deployment diagrams

Detailed Bills of Materials

For each generated target architecture Txture CT creates an adaptable bill of materials that includes the description of the used cloud service including their configuration and pricing.

cloud bill of materials

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