Cloud-to-Cloud Business Cases

Quick cloud-to-cloud migration business case calculation for cloud providers and system integrators.


Many organizations already have deployed large parts of their application landscape in the cloud. Often via a fast lift-and-shift approach towards IaaS. Now, those organizations realize that they can gain significant benefits from either moving their cloud services to a different provider and/or modernizing the services to a cloud native approach with PaaS and containerization.


When making the decision to move large infrastructure landscapes between providers or modernizing them within the same cloud provider, it is a significant challenge to calculate the return on investment as well as the target architectures for application modernization. This makes it hard to make the right financial and architectural decisions for cloud-to-cloud migrations.


Txture automatically collects the current cloud services from the APIs of the hyperscalers and proposes replacements for modernizations with different cloud providers. It can be used to calculate the future run costs, cloud native modernization benefits and to make the case for or against a migration. Using Txture for cloud-to-cloud assessment and cost comparison reduces the time to calculate a business case to days instead of weeks.
  • Data collection via cloud service provider API
  • Calculate future run costs
  • Reduced time for business case calculation

Solution Features

Data Collection from CSP API

Txture automatically collects the cloud services from your current cloud environments and calculates your current consumption. These pre-configured integrations save you time when creating migration business cases.

data collection from cloud provider api

Bills of Materials for Cloud-to-Cloud Migration Scenarios

Automatically generate bills of materials for your migration scenarios and tweak them according to your architectural requirements. This way can see for each current cloud services, which services would replace them.

cloud to cloud migration scenarios

Business Case for each Cloud-to-Cloud Migration Scenario

Automatically calculate the sum of costs for different scenarios, e.g. PaaS or containerization and compare them to your current run costs. This way you can quickly decide for the best cloud-to-cloud migration option form a technical and financial standpoint.

cloud to cloud business case

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