Cloud Transformation Simulation and Business Case

Simulating migration scenarios for optimal decision making


If large organizations want to save costs and become more agile, then modernizing their application portfolio and becoming cloud-native is a must.The first step in this process is to find the right cloud transformation strategy and to have a clear business case for that transformation. This leads to some key questions: Which cloud providers fit best? Should we go for a lift-and-shift approach, or would a replatforming approach be better? What is the business case for each approach? How long would it take?


The main challenge in these cases is the complexity of the IT-landscape and the huge amount of services available from the cloud providers. For example, there are typically hundreds or even thousands of in-house or COTS applications, which you would need to find cloud replacements for, as well as assessing the costs for both the migration and the operation in the cloud. Additionally, each provider has complex and difficult pricing schemes, which are hard to accurately compare. 

These factors make it incredibly difficult to make good decisions about cloud business cases, cloud risks and the optimal providers. In the end, this typically leads to prolonged discussions within your organization about the value of the cloud transformation, delaying decisions and slowing down the overall transformation.


Txture Cloud Transformation solves this problem. Our software quickly analyzes your application landscape and the underlying infrastructure in order to calculate hybrid and multi-cloud transformation scenarios. This enables you to make the right decisions regarding your preferred providers and cloud technologies, including private cloud, on-premise needs and migration targets.
  • Reduce your migration cost
  • Speed up your cloud transformation
  • No guesswork - more value

Solution features

Cloud Scenario Calculation

Cloud strategy preferences are set for each cloud scenario individually to simulate outcomes in the respective directions. Based on basic information about on-premises server infrastructure, technologies and components Txture browses its catalog of known cloud resources and recommends various possible product options for a cloud move. Simulations run automatically and can be performed multiple times at different stages in your cloud transformaiton project.

cloud scenario calculation

Cloud Business Case Evaluation

Txture CT creates multiple potential cloud scenarios to evaluate advantages and gains of different cloud strategies for example, single provider vs. multi-provider strategies, IaaS-only vs. containerization approaches. The calculated scenarios present a high-level overview of the important factors to build your cloud business case, such as cost forecasts but also which migration efforts can be expected, for example if you have to perform more replatforming activities.

cloud business case

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